Copy of Coding Practice – Session 2

Welcome to session 2 of your coding practice

  • In these three sessions of coding practice we will give you the opportunity to put into practice the condition assessment and defect coding skills and understanding you have gained during this course.
  • For these sessions we will use actual video clips and images taken from CCTV pipeline inspection.
  • While playing the video clips we will examine various pipe conditions and defects we can observe in the video.
  • We will then display an image or images taken from the video, pause this video and invite you to study the image or images and code the defects and conditions you observe.
  • You will need to use the course coding sheets your co-ordinator will have given you.
  • We suggest you take 5 minutes to assess the image. You can do this on your own or working in groups.
  • During your coding you will need to access the Defect Codes sheets included in the on-line resources for these sessions.
  • After you have completed your coding you can compare your coding with our coding sheet displayed after the image.
  • DO NOT LOOK AT OUR CODING SHEET BEFORE YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED YOUR OWN CODING OF DEFECTS! This will not help you improve your own coding skills.
  • When you have checked your coding you can then proceed to the next video clip and selected image or images n this practice session for more coding practice.
  • These practice sessions will help you to familiarise yourself with the codes, how to apply them, and also importantly help you to prepare for the course assessment.

Let us now look at the first video clip from session 2