Cleaning, Inspection & Assessment

As a vital part of the process of successful application of trenchless methods, effective Cleaning , Inspection and Assessment are key. Our courses in Sewer Condition Assessment and Classification, CCTV inspection and use of robotics will deliver enhanced competency in these core area.


Key Benefits for
Course Participants

Candidates taking any one of our Cleaning Inspection and, Assessment courses will come away with a deeper understanding the processes involved, and key considerations when using these technologies and methods. The courses  will certify participants in delivering applicable skills in carrying out cleaning, inspection or assessment.

Key Benefits for

Contractors and other stakeholders offering cleaning,  inspection and assessment services can be confident of the professional competency of their staff. For Utilities, improved critical understanding of the relevant processes by their site and desk engineers will deliver more effective and informed decision making.

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Course 1

Sewer Pipe Condition Classification & Coding

This 3 day course follows EN standard 13508-2:2003+A1 on inspection of sewer pipelines, and leads to certification in classification and coding of sewer pipe conditions in accordance with the WRc MSCC (5th ed.) manual.

Course 2

Sewer Pipe Condition Classification & Coding – Refresher course

This 1 day course gives students who’ve previously taken the full 3 day course and achieved certification an opportunity to refresh their coding skills, update on changes to coding schemes, and renew their certification. This is generally advised after 3 years since last certification.

Course 3

Sewer Pipe Cleaning, Cutting & Robotics

This 1 day which will familiarize students with a range of available technologies and their uses. It will give instruction in set-up, handling and operational issues, as well as the importance of these parts of the process in sewer pipeline rehabilitation. The course also covers important aspects of health and safety.

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