Trenchless Training for Professionals

… benefiting from over 35 years working with Trenchless Technologies.
opportunities to enhance technical expertise and practical skills.
… with current Trenchless Practitioners who are experts in their field.
… delivering successful Trenchless outcomes and direct bottom line benefits.


Börje Persson

MD – JBP Group

Working with Trenchless Technologies, systems and solutions for more than 35 years we at JBP have extensive knowledge of the range of trenchless technologies and methods, and experience in their use and application in the field.

Our years of working in the Trenchless sector have given us an appreciation of the absolute importance of professional training and education, to support proper investigation and assessment, effective decision-making, and ultimately successful implementation and completion using trenchless solutions.

An investment in training - a direct benefit to the bottom line

Our Trenchless Training courses offer professionals the opportunity to enhance their technical expertise and improve their practical skills, to be more effective when working with Trenchless technologies and methods.

We deliver the most up to date and highest quality training in all our programmes by working with experts from the sector. Our training partners are current Trenchless practitioners, and are selected for their knowledge, extensive hands-on experience, and technical expertise in their specific fields.

Utilities and municipalities will improve their effective management and assessment of Trenchless projects, and contractors and consultants will enhance their delivery of successful outcomes, with investment in professional development and training for their managers, engineers and technicians through one of our Trenchless courses-a direct benefit to the bottom line.

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