Technologies, Methods & Management

Our Trenchless Technologies courses deliver an introduction to the range of available Trenchless Technologies & Methods for those who may be new to the sector, as well as more detailed technical training for those who already have hands-on experience.

Technologies, Methods & Management

Who should attend this course?

Utility companies, consultant and contractor engineers and technicians working with CIPP methods for pipeline rehabilitation and who need a clear understanding of calculation and design considers, current methods and an insight into further developments. 

Course Trainer:

Dr. Dec Downey
Past Chairman – ISTT



Key Benefits for
Course Participants

Course participants will gain increased knowledge of current trenchless technologies together with a deeper understanding of methods & applications, leading to enhanced professional competency when selecting, working with and applying trenchless solutions.



Key Benefits for

Utilities, contractors and other organisations sending their employees on a JBP Trenchless Training courses will benefit from greater professional competency and informed knowledge when their technicians and engineers are applying their skills and delivering services to clients.

New Course

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Design & Current Practice
This course looks at current Calculation & Design considerations for pipe rehabilitation using CIPP methods. Developments from proposed revision of WRc’s SRM Manual are considered and ASTM and DWA methods are reviewed. 

Course 1

Methods, Technologies & Considerations.
This 1 day course gives site engineers and technicians, supervisors and managers a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and methods for pipe rehabilitation, as well as their benefits and limitations

Course 2

Inspection, Assessment & Decision-making
This 1 day course prepares site and desk based engineers in the vital aspects of effective inspection, pipe conditions assessment, data interpretation, and decision making, as well as reviewing technologies and methods used.

Course 3

Planning, Implementation & Management
This 1 day course focuses on key project management elements for successful pipe rehabilitation, including scope, rick assessments, stakeholder involvement, decision-making, and quality control testing.

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CPD Approved Trainer