For Trenchless Professionals

… from Trenchless Experts working in the field
… giving the latest Technical Insights & Practical Experience
… with Face-to-Face & On-line professional instruction
… to enhance Knowledge & Professional Competencies

We offer face-to-face and on-line professional instruction, from trenchless experts currently working in field. Our trenchless training programs provide the latest technical insight, together with hands-on practical experience for trenchless practitioners wanting to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional competencies.

Sewer Pipeline Condition Classification & Coding.
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With our Trenchless Technologies courses we aim to deliver an introduction to the range of available Trenchless Technologies & Methods for those who may be new to the sector, as well as more detailed technical training for those who already have hands-one experience.

As a vital part of the process of successful application of trenchless methods, effective Cleaning , Inspection and Assessment are key. Our courses in Sewer Condition Assessment and Classification, CCTV inspection and use of robotics will deliver enhanced competency inthese core area.

Our Pipe Rehabilitation courses cover both theoretical and technical areas of a wide variety of pipe rehabilitation methods, key to appropriate selection and application, as well as offering where ever possible practical instruction and demonstrations of the technologies used.

Beyond the range of our courses delivering technical know-how and enhanced professional skills in specific areas, we also offer training that supports professionals working in the Trenchless Sectors, in areas such as project assessment and management, site preparation and control etc.

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