Pipe Rehabilitation

Our Pipe Rehabilitation courses cover theoretical and technical areas of a wide variety of pipe rehabilitation methods, key to appropriate selection and application, as well as offering practical  instruction and demonstrations where ever possible of the technologies used.


Who should attend this course?

Utility companies, consultant and contractor engineers and technicians working with water mains pipeline networks who need a clear understanding of critical aspects related to effective rehabilitation and replacement

Course Trainer:

Mr Tom Sangster
Chartered Civil Engineer



Key Benefits for
Course Participants

Candidates taking any one of our UV CIPP Pipe rehabilitation courses will come away with a deeper, detailed knowledge of the process, and key considerations when applying this method. The practical course will deliver hands-on skills in carrying out an installation, from start to finish.

Key Benefits for

Contractors and other stakeholders offering CIPP installations services can be confident of the professional competency of their staff. For Utilities, improved critical understanding of the process by their site and desk engineers will deliver more effective decision making.

New Course

Water Mains Pipeline Rehabilitation & Replacement
This 1 day course examines different rehabilitation methods and technologies, their applications, capabilities and limitations, relevant design considerations including drinking water safety,  and specifications taking into account risk management and performance.

Course 1

UV Cured in Place (CIPP) Pipe Rehabilitation – The process explained
This 1 day course gives candidates a solid introduction into UV CIPP methods of pipe rehabilitation, covering the process from start to finish including  appropriate application,  use of materials & equipment, health & safety, site & equipment set-up, documentation & monitoring.

Course 2

UV Cured in Place (CIPP) Pipe Rehabilitation – Equipment & Installation Training
This 1 day course is a hand-on practical course, training candidates in the use of equipment and handling of liners to undertake successful   UV CIPP pipe rehabilitation. The course is site based using up to date technologies and materials for up  demonstration and practice.

Course 3

Cured in Place (CIPP) Pipe Rehabilitation – History, Introduction & Comparisons
This is a half day which will give students a clear understanding of the development CIPP methods right up to the current day, an introduction to the different methods in use, and importantly their respective benefits and limitations…


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