Sewer Pipeline Trenchless Rehabilitation

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Welcome to this course in Sewer Pipeline Trenchless Rehabilitation  

As you will see from the list below, this course consists of six modules  inclusive of a brief introduction and conclusion. The duration of the course is approximately 12 hours in duration, with short tests between modules.

You will be asked to progress through each section of the course before being able to move onto the next section.  You can however return to any completed section, to view it again at any time, and then resume from where you last stopped.  Course navigation buttons are located under each section’s video.

Each section or topic is supported with a downloadable pdf file containing the content from that particular section or topic. These files can be located by clicking on the Materials icon located above left of the main video file. 

Throughout the duration of the course, if you would like to post any topic based questions please use the course forum. You can access the forum at any time by clicking on the course forum menu option in the top righthand corner of the course be page. We will attempt to answer questions as swiftly as possible, or in the live webinar session at the end of the course, if you have subscribed to this option.

For any technical or administrative issues that may occur during the course please email the course coordinator directly at