Sewer Pipeline Condition Assessment & Coding

This course gives a solid introduction into the principles of accurate sewer pipeline assessment and reporting, and their importance in the effective rehabilitation decision-making process. 

The course follows EN standard 13508-2:2003+A1 on inspection of sewer pipelines, and leads to certification in classification and coding of sewer pipe conditions in accordance with the WRc MSCC (5th ed.) manual.

Principal Course Trainer
Dr. Dec Downey
Past Chairman of ISTT

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Course delivery

This course can be taken via JBP’s Trenchless Training on-line platform, giving candidates the convenience of autonomous access to course modules and supporting materials, at a time and pace that suites each candidate.

A blended learning approach is also availabe for groups, with a structured and the benefit of direct contact with course experts via live on-line sessions every day.

The course can also be delivered in situ, on request, for groups of more than 10, supervised by a course co-ordinator and with daily on-line access to JBP’s team of experts

The duration of this course is approximately 16 hours,  including an end of course exam.

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